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Experience This Powerful Energy Healing Technique
With a True Meridian Tapping Master!
This series of FREE videos will  guide you through clear explanations and powerful MasterHeart EFT tapping sessions on wealth, safety, love and happiness while giving you the basics so you can practice effectively yourself.
  • Energy Healing Basics - What is this whole energy thing anyway?
  • The Whole Picture - Master the basics for energetic self-healing
  • Feeling Totally Safe - The incredible power of simply feeling safe
  • Now That You Have It - How to grow and expand your practice
"GP's MasterHeart EFT revolutionized my practice!"
"Before finding MasterHeart I practiced and taught traditional EFT. EFT is a powerfully effective healing modality but I wanted to do more than just bring about symptom relief. 

Inner Reconciliation provided me with the insight and tools that took my practice to the level of long term transformation.

When you use Inner Reconciliation with EFT,  it enables you to go deeper in an extremely natural way. 

You are able to quickly find and relieve the root cause of pain and struggle with such gentleness and ease. And the shifts are long lasting. I use it myself and with all of my clients and students. "
Cathy Hamilton ~ EFT Teacher/Trainer, Creator of The Heart Centered EFT Process, and Inner Reconciliation Certified Facilitator