Evan - Senior Facilitator
      “My first one-hour session with Evan was one of the most valuable hours of my life, as it helped to get over some recurring roadblocks."  H.T - United Kingdom

       "Evan is awesome! I did a session with him regarding an issue I have had for over 9 years and it was profound." Cathy - Coach
Location: New York City    Languages: English
Meryl Port - Facilitator
In a time in my life when I had done a sterling job of sabotaging myself, I reached out to Meryl. Thank God.
Her non-judgmental generosity of spirit, bubbling sense of humour and easy-going compassion created a safe and peaceful space to tackle the obstacles in a way I couldn't do on my own, even after years of trying.
– Suzanne, France

Location: Australia    Languages: English
Sam Irwin - Facilitator
”When you work with Sam, the first thing you notice is that you feel safe, supported and understood. 
Then as he guides you from that safe place, the nervous system opens up, stuck energy gets released and you experience first-hand a sense of freedom that you might not have thought it would be possible to have." 

- Nic, London UK

Location: New Zealand    Languages: English
Ugi Muller - Facilitator
"I just finished an amazing session with Ugi. I found his intuition quite remarkable and accurate.

 I felt very safe to explore my conflict with him, and was surprised at the shifts within myself I have noticed since. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking more peace in all areas of their life."

Lynne, Australia

Location: Germany Languages: English,German
Cathy Hamilton - Facilitator
Cathy is the Senior EFT Teacher at Masterheart Institute and founder of her own coaching business happytappygirl.com.
Her passion is helping others reconnect to their “inner happy” because that is when the magic begins.
Doing coaching sessions with Cathy was amazing!
While I do this type of work for myself and others, Cathy created and held space for me to uncover some more pieces to my own personal puzzle.
I feel more balanced and more at peace on all levels.
– CH, Canada
Location: USA    Languages: English

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