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"The Chakra Effect" Is Now "Healing at the Roots"
Experience Deep Healing & Understanding
Of Your Entire Chakra System
The cause of all human suffering and problems comes from a basic conflict with our own nature. 
This free eBook will give you a revolutionary understanding and approach to healing this conflict through the Chakra system
GP Walsh ~ Creator of Inner Reconciliation ~ And Someone Who Has Been There and Lived to Talk About it
Healing is simple and natural when you go to the Roots!
"This is the clearest explanation of the Chakra system that I have ever heard. It is also the most practical"
~ John Reid, White Plains, New York
"I had no idea how much more alive I could feel. This teaching is like nothing I've ever experienced. I never understood the real power and authority I had lying dormant in my heart. Thank you GP"
 ~ Stewart Lawson ~ Ulister, England
"It's amazing how recognizing where happiness really lies shifts your motivation for everything and creates such a sense of peace and calm. The change is just absolutely immense. Thank you GP."
~ Martin Buck, Breda, The Netherlands
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