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In This Program You Will
  • Receive New Live Calls or Recorded Content EVERY Week
  • FIND Desires and Goals that You Will WANT to Commit to
  • UNCOVER and REMOVE the 1 Cause of All Blocks to CONSCIOUS CREATION
Do you want Long Term, Permanent, Positive Transformation?
Duh! Who Doesn't!?
But the real question is: "HOW do I undo the years of conditioning that are making it so difficult to realize my dreams?"

The answer is a total immersion in a different way of being.

That is what the INFINITE SKY IMMERSION is designed to do. 

Receive unique, powerful content every week that is the perfect balance of consistency, variety, gentleness and effectiveness. 

Establish you in the effortless state of living the truth of your innate: 
Abundance ~ Happiness ~ Success ~ Self-Acceptance ~ Prosperity ~ Power
Every Month You Will Receive 
  •  Deep Dive Live Class with GP 
  •  Guided Meditation/Activation 
  • Thunderclap Clearing and Processing 
  •  Infinite Sky Power Coaching Call
  •  Private Community, Directory and Chat Room

Dedicated to a significant and important subject to guide you in breaking through to your next level to experience a whole new level of freedom



Taking up subjects that of importance to you, GP and Evan will demonstrate how to approach, work through and heal whatever you are working on. You will indeed feel the Thunderclap of "Ah-ha... I get it!".

Powerful Meditations, Activations & Visualization Every Month

Highly targeted to support you powerfully as your grow and evolve into the harmonious, creative, and abundant person you were meant to be.
LIVE 1-ON-1 COACHING, in a Highly Supportive Group

We all get stuck and need guidance from an expert. Master Coach GP Walsh will be available every month to work with you personally to break through whatever you are dealing with and wherever you are stuck.
Bonus Workshop
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A full length program with exercises, teaching and examples to bring you into the enormously powerful energy of commitment
Special Through November 2017
Join by November 15, 2017 and get the full "Tapping Channel" - multiple recordings and courses inside our clasroom
Taking you through our powerful approach to EFT tapping, combining it with Inner Reconciliation for an incredible combination
Get Everything in "The Tapping Channel"
Over $300 purchased separately!

From: GP Walsh

Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Master, Energy Healer, Master Coach
Founder of the MasterHEART Institute and Creator of Inner Reconciliation
Hi Everyone

It is such an enormous pleasure to be able to present to you the fruit of over 30 years of work, practice, research and healing, Inner Reconciliation

Over 40 years ago I had an extraordinary experience that showed me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are not broken. In fact, you have never lost that essential, original innocence and beauty that was there before any conditioned patterns and programmed response were put in place.

Inner Reconciliation is the only modality I know of that starts from the premise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  And then proves it through experience and insight!
This level of understanding will quite literally transform every aspect of your life. And it is this level of understanding and experience that I have put in this primary course.

Life is a miracle. That fact that we do create our experience is a miracle. It is time to find the key so that intentional manifestation become effortless, the natural consequence of a life of understanding, depth and freedom.
In this 2 hour monhtly workshop, a deeply relevant subject is taken up in depth. A mixture of the finest teaching and insights, powerful processes. 

This workshop is offered separately for between $47 and $97, the price of the entire Infinite Sky Immersion Program
There are 2 ways we learn, through watching and through doing. Every month you will receive a recording of 2 masters of inner work, processing different subjects thoroughly and completely. You will feel the Thunderclap of "Ah-ha... I get it!". These specialized recordings normally sell for $20 each.
There are few practices as deep, as penetrating and as as capable of bringing about permanent transformation as meditation.

Each month you will receive a new meditation on a relevant subject. These specialized meditations are normally sold for $20 each.
Each month you have the opportunity to be coached one-on-one, in a group setting by a Master Coach with decades of experience. Take all the subjects you have been immersing yourself in, to the next level, with concentrated attention from the most experienced guide. The charge for this is also between $47 and $97.
Over $150 Value Every Single Month
Quickly, Gently Heal and Clear: 
Fear, Stress, Overwhelm, Loneliness, Lack Mindset, Distraction, Romance, Weight & Health Issues... and much more
Immersion Membership
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  • Intentional Creation Class
  • Recording Access
  • Guided Meditation
  • Inner Reconciliation Processing Recording
  • Group Coaching and Inner Reconciliation Call
  • Commitment MasterClass
  • Members Only Community

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How will I receive the content?
You will have a special subscriber page inside our classroom which you can access at any time, and your content will automatically be added into your list of available courses / meditations as they are released.

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Do I still have access to the content I received if I cancel?
Yes, anything that is released to you while you are an active subscriber is yours. It is exactly the same as if you bought it.

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You only get access to what is released while you are a subscriber.
Our system will see that you are an active subscriber and gift you the products as they are released each week, and they are yours forever after that. It is like purchasing at a significant discount.

Is it easy to cancel?

If at any time you wish to cancel, you simply click a button inside your subscription area that says you would like to cancel and then 'yes' to confirm. That's it!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know!

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