Meryl Port - Certified Facilitator
In a time in my life when I had done a sterling job of sabotaging myself, I reached out to Meryl. Thank God. 

Her non-judgmental generosity of spirit, bubbling sense of humour and easy-going compassion created a safe and peaceful space to tackle the obstacles in a way I couldn't do on my own, even after years of trying.  

Suzanne, France

Sometimes in life you just get stuck. Either you feel like you've fallen over for a while and you need a hand getting up, or you just want to shift your view of the situation, so you can see your way ahead more clearly. I draw on the warmth and empathy my own life experiences have taught me, and the different forms of healing I’ve studied and practised over the last 30 years, to give you that hand to hold onto. And in the process, perhaps, a new way to experience your life, so things are no longer so daunting, or overwhelming. Best of all, I can teach you a useful technique so you always have it with you as you move forward.

I’m a down-to-earth Australian woman who has done the “hard yards”, as Australians call it, in making my way through this life. I was married for over 22 years to a good man with a severe mental illness. We eventually divorced in 1990, and I found myself a single mother with three children to support, the youngest of whom was only six.

For some years I took on two or three jobs at a time to support the family, and occasionally we ate a lot of two-minute noodles! With love and hard work, life eventually stabilised, and I was then able to explore the passion that had grown steadily throughout the trying times - getting to grips with my own deep emotional healing.

Over time, I qualified in many healing avenues, including becoming a Certified Facilitator of Inner Reconciliation. I'm also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy and a Recognized Expert in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as having undergone advanced training in Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) together with several other techniques.

I've been fortunate to travel to Egypt, Scotland, England, Maui, New Zealand, northern Queensland (Australia), Indonesia and Bali to participate in intensive group meditations to support earth healing, one of my personal passions.

Each of the tools I've studied has its own unique applications, and together they enrich my practice and serve my clients well. Inner Reconciliation, however, stands out for me as one of the most powerful – even though it is the most gentle – of these. Many clients have experienced its remarkable ability to soften and melt inner obstacles.

Inner Reconciliation is very different from the normal self-help approach. It starts from the premise that you are whole and healthy, and all of the feelings, thoughts and experiences you are having, normally called blocks, are actually healthy, necessary parts of you which are trying to protect you in ongoing loops of fight, flight or freeze. By helping you to recognise and befriend those parts of you again, all sorts of knots unravel with ease.

Combining Inner Reconciliation with EFT is truly amazing and often has lasting results. It is also teachable, which puts the power back in your hands.

Some of my clients' experiences: 
"Meryl’s coaching was a true gift for my life. Through her incredibly caring presence I was finally able to address my biggest fears. And it was truly amazing to discover that even the darkest places in myself just wanted the best for me. By seeing that I felt a healing taking place that relieved me of the pain of decades. What a blessing Meryl is!” - Muller, Swizterland
  "I had spent many hours in counselling over the years which didn’t change the deep feelings of loss and rejection that I had carried for such a long time. Even the first session changed me so much that I find myself smiling because of the lightness I feel in my innermost being. I stepped out of my self-imposed prison to make an appointment with Meryl. It’s the best decision I have ever made." - Wendy, Australia
"I suffered from anxiety, and as I prefer natural therapies I went to Meryl for EFT & Trance Work. After one session, I began to feel a lot more confident and optimistic. I got the interview and job I wanted, my life is so much better. I feel great and am much more confident and happy" - David, Australia

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