Sam Irwin  - Certified Facilitator
”When you work with Sam, the first thing you notice is that you feel safe, supported and understood. 

Then as he guides you from that safe place, the nervous system opens up, stuck energy gets released and you experience first-hand a sense of freedom that you might not have thought it would be possible to haveNic, London UK
Coming Home Within Your Own Being.

My journey of coming home began after I experienced a personal crisis in my mid twenties. I was working and studying in Sydney, getting lost under a mountain of stress. This crisis was a culmination of living in the states of anxiety and depression. At that moment, I had a breakthrough - I realised that there was another way to live. 

I began a journey of reinventing my inner relationship and exploring what it means to be happy. 

I stopped running from myself, my feelings, and became interested in what was going on within. I became my own best friend in a sense. I started to see certain energies that had been suppressed since childhood and patterns that had been playing out. I learnt how to liberate these energies by loving them. 

Around this time I became a Certified Inner Reconciliation Facilitator, and have since been helping clients all around the world liberate past limiting patterns, come home within their own being and really step into their power. 

After becoming a Certified Facilitator I began a traditional Tibetan Buddhist Meditation practice, meditating three to four hours a day for a twelve month period. The culmination of this practice opened up a sense of clarity, perception and space that I bring into every session. I then studied with a Lama who taught how to awaken the heart.  

I've realised that we are responsible for our own happiness, and that happiness comes about as a natural result of forming a new relationship with our inner world. It comes from ceasing the war within, reconciling, and living from our true self. 

It's a continual process of coming home and deepening into the heart. I still experience challenges and painful situations now and then, yet that 'sting' is no longer felt. Life is so much sweeter, peaceful and beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  

I look forward to working and sharing with you. 
Sam is a truly exceptional coach for emotional liberation. His gentle way of facilitation naturally creates an atmosphere of safety where all uncomfortable feelings are allowed to be. The sessions I had with Sam were incredibly efficient in resolving inner issues I had since early childhood. It’s a special moment when your anxiety turns into excitement and joy. Sam makes this possible. - Urs, Switzerland

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