Ugi Muller  - Certified Facilitator
"I just finished an amazing session with Ugi. I found his intuition quite remarkable and accurate.

 I felt very safe to explore my conflict with him, and was surprised at the shifts within myself I have noticed since. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking more peace in all areas of their life."

Lynne, Australia

Coming home – Isn’t that all we really want?

Ugi definitely had his fair share of the quest of coming home. For him, it all started with a growing discontentment with his life in his late teenager years. He couldn’t help the feeling of somehow being fundamentally deficient and unlovable. Wherever he looked, everyone seemed to be okay and happy – everyone but him.

When Ugi eventually found out about the self-help community, he thought that his dark days were finally numbered. He began to read book after book and started doing all the classical self-help techniques – both with great commitment. However, after 4 years of dedicated effort, he had to conclude: "Not much had changed. I still felt broken on the inside". His frustration level was higher than ever before.

It was then that Ugi then was introduced to the work of GP Walsh and Evan Gregor. And this marked the turning point in his self-development. Now he started to do the real inner work and soon, his life finally began to change for the better – inside and outside. The trance of unworthiness was finally broken …

"It is incredible how quickly and directly Ugi could lead me to the core root of the loneliness I was feeling for years . During our session, I literally felt a huge burden lifted." Jonas, Switzerland 
Today, Ugi is a certified Inner Reconciliation facilitator who helps people from all over the world coming home to their innate completeness and self-love. Ugi has extensive experience in emotional healing techniques as well as in the practical application of non-dual teachings such as Dzogchen.

Ugi’s specialty is helping people break free from the trance of unworthiness & re-introduces them to the unconditional self-love and timeless stillness at the core of their being. He also emphasizes giving people the best tools for integrating inner work into their everyday lives.

"Working with Ugi is a truly 'Oasis Experience"… His depth, love and compassionate guidance led me to Reconcile with a core part of me I have been angry at for a long time without actually being aware of this. – Ilona, Australia

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